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Monday, January 31, 2005

Updating my files

This is your mission should you choose to accept it. Email me your mailing address. Why? Why not. Plus, I'll send you something. It might be some candy. Or it could be some random crap no one would buy off me on ebay. Or maybe even a check from Publisher Clearing House. But you'll never know for sure until you email me your coordinates.

Let's see how many gullible trusting people are paying attention.

Beautiful Day

Running away to Vegas or Hawaii or any other place that's hot and sunny sounded like a pretty good idea last night. BUT going to Dublin to see U2 in concert in June sounded better. So as of 2AM this morning, when tickets were secured via a U2 Propaganda membership, touring Ireland and the UK is what I'll be doing come June and July.

And I'm listening to U2 right now at work. And I'm not going to lie. I'm totally excited. Don't hate me because I'm (a) beautiful (day).

What you don’t have you don’t need it now
What you don’t know you can feel it somehow
What you don’t have you don’t need it now
You don’t need it now, you don’t need it now
Beautiful day

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Always protect yourself.

Saturday night had a welcome familiarity when I ended up with some friends at a restuarant in downtown. But it wasn't the place that felt familiar, it was the company. And after the chaos of last week at work, it was especially appreciated.

So we caught up over cocktails and dinner and then headed over to the 16 plex to watch Clint Eastwood's latest offering. Clint? Marry me. Seriously.

Million Dollar Baby is definitively one of the best films I've seen in recent years. Strike that. One of the best films I've seen period. But I wouldn't bother going if you don't enjoy movies which make you feel things, deeply. Which is a whole different conversation because I know there are people in this world that avoid those kinds of movies at all costs but hello, isn't that a large part of experiencing a movie... relating it to your life?

The film is beautiful and honest and thoughtful and cutting. If you go and see this movie and it doesn't make you feel joy and exhilaration and desperation and loss and love and you don't feel the need to sob uncontrollably during, after and hours after seeing the film than clearly you are dead inside.

Seriously, don't mess with me right now. Or I might just hunt you down and force you to hold me while I lose it and sob on your shoulder.

That might be the two episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition I just watched talking. Or some Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cat herding

Okay people,

Since very few people I just tried to call were actually home I'm posting this here because, let's be honest, I know you folks are pretty damn connected to this little thing called the InternetS and probably check it more often than you check your cell for the latest news. We're getting together for dinner and a movie. The plan is to meet in downtown at 6 and go from there. If I know you that probably means you have my cellphone number. Which means you should totally call me and join the party. What are you waiting for? No, don't call me yet. Go get ready. Then call me.

Over and out,
You know who.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ignorance is bliss

I have approximately 1,001 million tasks to accomplish before this day ends, so I don't think I need to tell you how I spent my lunch hour. That's right. In front of a computer... catching up on all my blog reading and leaving random notes. What? You thought I was going to say I worked through lunch too? Hells no.

How do you think I mantain my sanity? Good call. That's right. I don't bother worrying about mantaining something I've never had.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Apparently, the InternetS don't take too kindly to a person who previously couldn't resist blathering on about nothing via a blog but now is totally and utterly consumed by 1) a cold from hell that refuses to vacate her body 2) an overwhelming amount of work responsibilities and 3) a sudden and unexplainable inability to justify blogging in the midst of all that. I know. What the hell? That's prime blogging material if I've ever seen it.

At any rate, please excuse my absence but I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed by life lately. In the last few days my to do list hasn't included much other than "mantaining my shit". And just between you and me, I really haven't been racking up any points with that one.

If you've got a high-paying low-stress job burning a hole in your pocket, now's the time to come at me. Or one way ticket to France and keys to your private villa. That would work too.

In other news, U2 tickets have already sold out at Madison Square Gardens. Well, I for one could care less. I mean, really! Who has time from crap like visiting NYC to see your favorite band perform live and then some shopping at H&M?

Not me. That's who.

Haven't you been paying attention?

Friday, January 21, 2005

[Too high to title this post]

DayQuil®, the daytime non-drowsy medicine relieves common cold and flu symptoms including cough, nasal congestion, fever, minor aches, pains, headache, muscular aches, and sore throat pain.

Riiiiight. If by non-drowsy they mean makes you feel high as a kite then I'm with them on that count. I felt so out of it today I spent half my time at work thinking, "Now why hell did I open this folder? Wait, what am I looking for again? Huh? Okay, so I can't think straight. Oh well, let me take this opportunity to organize some stuff. Here we go. 1,2,3... fuck, what comes after 3?" or just "[nada]" with a stupid blank stare on my face.

And on a random sidenote, don't get dooced. Or do, whatever. I really don't care either way. (That's the virus talking.)

Over and out.
Move along.
Are you still here?
[Insert goodbye of your preference here.]

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I know what you're thinking to yourself. 100.7, clearly a reference to a radio station, right? Nope, guess again.

That's right. My temperature. I was thinking I would push past the pain and just go into work anyways. Then I remembered how The Dude fainted when he wasn't even at work and how I was at work for 12 hours the day before this cold/flu/virus-from-hell knocked by on my ass. I guess I better hold out until my temperature is at least under 100.

Feeling woozy. Leaving now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Okay, here's the thing.

This weekend I went skiing with The Dude (who was sick), Seth (who was sick) and Seth's girlfriend (who wasn't sick). Seth's girlfriend and I talked about taking bets on which one of us would get sick first but I really thought if I thought healthy thoughts I could avoid it. Now The Dude and Seth are almost well and Seth's girlfriend and I are both, that's right, sick. Unevitable, unavoidably sick.

We're talking achy, hot/cold, fevery, sore throat, nose congested just kill me now sick. Where's my Nyquil? What's that? I'm out. Damn it. That's what I get for using it as a sleep aid. Hey, shut up. I only did that once. Besides, I'm sick. Be nice.

Also, file this post under worst post ever.

Also, blame the sickness.

Also, this is so not the right time. I've got so much stuff wrap up at work and I'm scheduled to be out of the office on Friday for training. Current situtation = no win.

Also, I will survive. And thank you Gloria Gaynor for providing me with one more crappy phrase to really seal the deal on the suck factor of this post, by like 20 fold.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Dude, drink your water.

This post was supposed to be about driving up to Mt. Baker Friday night and staying at a lodge in Glacier, Washington. It was supposed to be a place where I would talk about the comforts of the simple things in life, away from phones and the demands of the fast paced modern world. It was supposed to be about meeting up with some friends, skiing/snowboarding and conquering our fears (mostly of the downhill variety). It was supposed to be where I would post pictures from this weekend and recount the fun things that happened along the way... like singing nonsense songs in the car on the way back to Seattle on Sunday night.

But then The Dude got sick. Really sick. Waking up in the middle of the night sick, fainting sick, time to go to the hospital sick and long story short that's where we ended up at 4am on a national holiday. I didn't have this day off but I ended up not going to work. I told him if he really wanted to spend his holiday with me this was one way to accomplish it, but that next time I'd rather he just wisk me away to Hawaii or Vancouver or any place else that doesn't resemble a hospital. That and also the next time I hand him a glass of water he better damn well drink it. All of it. Taking one measily little sip and setting it down is so not acceptable. How not acceptable? 3 liters of water via an IV not acceptable.

Dude, drink your water.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chances are

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you “get” the humor of Seinfeld, The Larry David Show and/or The Office we’ll get along just swimmingly. And I haven’t even seen an episode of The Office yet; only a couple promo clips and boy howdy, can I tell how much that is something I would get. People that like sarcasm in large portions are my kind of people.

If you run into me 5 of out 7 days during the week, I’ll be wearing Pink! And not just a little pink, like a shirt with some Pink! in it or a plaid skirt with a stripe of Pink! We’re talking an entire outfit devoted to that which is pretty and Pink! like a sweater that’s bright Pink! or a coat or an entire skirt that revolves around an all Pink! theme. I know. It’s out of control.

Odds are 99.999% that I bought a new item of clothing this week with 2 to 1 odds that I bought multiple items and 3 to 1 odds one or more of those items are Pink!

On average it takes my clothes 2.2 years to make it from the dirty laundry pile to the dry cleaners. You may think I’m exaggerating on this one but seriously, I just brought some stuff to the cleaners that sat in my car for over 1 year. No joke. In fact, truth be told, there’s still another 2 bags worth of dirty dry cleaning at my apartment, waiting to be moved to my car where it will sit for the requisite waiting period in my car, which is apparently 1 year before it gets a go at the cleaners. Oh joy!

I’m all hot or cold (literally and figuratively). Literally: I’m either burning up or freezing my ass off. There is no in between with me. Given the choice between being too hot or too cold, I would choose death. That’s why I’m all bundled up in the winter and stripping clothes off in the summer; constantly searching for that elusive happy body temperature medium. Figuratively: I’ve got no game. I either like you and you know it. Or I hate you and you know it. I have got absolutely no poker face.

InternetS? I heart you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Shut it or I'll take you out with my SUV.

And now I remember the third thing I was going to say. A few weeks back I got my haircut by the same guy that always cuts my hair. He's awesome and I will go to him for all my hair styling/cutting/therapy needs until the day I die or the day that he retires, whichever comes first.

Anyways, the last time I went to see him (a few weeks back, remember that part?) he totally gave me the wrong hair cut. He cut it all short in the front and now I look like a freaking soccer mom. Oh lordy. You don't know how many times I've thought about just cutting it all short to get it back to the same length already but whatever. This is going to have to do for now. Can't wait for it to grow back out.

Okay, I better hop in my minivan and pick up little Bobby from soccer practice. Carry on.

Seeing red Pink!

Last night while at work the alarm went off. I'm realizing now how sad it is that my only thought about that was, "Man, are some of the people that I work with that stupid? Stupid enough that they would leave with the alarm beeping, warning them..TURN OFF THE ALARM YOU MORON IF THIS IS A FALSE ALARM BECAUSE OTHERWISE WE'LL BE CALLING THE COPS IN 3 MINUTES?".

And there's only one answer to that question and the answer is yes. Thank you idiot coworker who caused the alarm to go off, which caused my ears to start bleeding, which caused me to have to stop doing what I was doing and fix your mistake. Really. I mean it. Thanks so much!

In other news, Sally stopped by my apartment last night. I wasn't going to anwser it or go to the door because, well... I was in my pjs already but then I saw it was just Sally and Sally has an all access pass to my life anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The anywhere part was redundant, huh? Oh well. Besides, I'm sure she's seen me in my pjs before 9pm more times than I care to recount.

Anyhow, long story short she went to the UK during Thanksgiving and brought me back a Pink! pashmina. And last night after she gave it to me, I rewarded her with some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. After she left I wrapped the Pink! pashmina around my neck and did lots of exciting things like watch tv, read a book and later fall asleep with the Pink! pashmina still wrapped around my neck. I'm so cool. Okay, maybe not. Moving on...

There was something else I was going to mention but fuck if I can't remember what it was. Okay then. This will have to do.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm not broke but you can see the cracks.

Something is missing. I can't figure out exactly what. Related to the... Industry? Maybe. Location? Perhaps. The company I keep? Depends. A perspective? Obviously, I mean so many other people in this world have so much less and yet are perfectly content and grateful for the little they have in life.

I don't know what's missing. But something is definitely missing.

You know that saying that goes, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? Sometimes whatever doesn't kill you doesn't make you stronger. Instead it just so totally scares the living crap out of you, you end up losing any interest in taking the same risks again.

I've learned that life is a balancing act. That you have to move ahead after learning some of life's toughest lessons without feeling guilty, scared or angry about the past. That you have to keep a perspective even if that perspective is only a bunch of self talk that you logically understand but emotionally aren't buying yet.

That above all that you have to laugh at yourself. Because, let's face it, if you can't laugh at yourself then there is no point to life. And even when you don't know direction you should be headed, especially when you don't know what direction you should be headed, it's best to stop and reflect. But here's the tricky part. Don't spend all your waking hours reflecting on your past and vicariously reliving it or you'll never get anywhere. You have to keep moving, even if you don't know where you're headed next.

I've done a lot of complaining lately about my job and how I feel completely overwhelmed by all the things there are to do. Afterall, I'm only one person. And as much as I can rationalize and prioritize and explain myself, at a certain point I realize only one person is responsible for my sucess or failure at my company and that person is me. Setting people's expectations and not saying yes to every request that comes through my door was decidedly not one of my strengths in 2004. This year is going to be different.

Yea, that or I'll start checking out on a more frequent basis. Anyone hiring for a part-time personal illustrator and/or graphic designer that pays 70k a year? Yep, didn't think so.

I miss the college days when I was a barista at Nordstrom's. The tips were great. Besides thinking it totally overrated. Forgetting to turn off the steam before I poured the milk was about as complicated as that job ever got. Not to mention the 20% discount.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if Nordstrom is hiring?

Lundi doit partir.

I'm pretty sure the only way to get this day back on track is with a large piece of chocolate cake. One that I don't have to share with anyone.

Oh who am I kidding? This day was never, ever anywhere close to being on track. Afterall, that's what Monday is all about. In other words, if you don't have some chocolate cake set aside specifically just for me you best keep your distance.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Riddle me this

What's a ten letter word that starts with gas? And don't cheat by googling it. And by cheat, I mean, be like me.

Friday, January 07, 2005

[Insert witty title here]

I vowed to finish my marketing budget today if it kills me which is why I'm still at the office. Oh yes. And god seems to have a wicked sense of humor because normally at this hour on a Friday traffic would suck major ass but as fate would have it 520 is a ghost town. Apparently people are scared by the threat of snow, ice, and/or a horrible car crash. Wusses.

In other news, I might die soon.

So far today.

There's too much drama in my office today. People have been shouting and whining and pretty much just freaking out over stupid stuff way. too. much. today.

Someone stopped by the office unannounced to talk with me. The reception let this person right in without checking with me first. Hello? Not everyone is legit. We need a new "gatekeeper".

There's no way to use the following words/phrases without sounding like a complete dork: a) offline, as while in a meeting saying "hey, let's take that conversation offline", b) rad/awesome/cool/wack and c) gatekeeper.

I ran out to lunch with a few coworkers and on the way back heard Mc Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" on the radio. Granted, this guy listens to a crappy radio station but dude, you can't make stuff like this up. Rad.

Yesturday upon arriving at work...

...I discovered this in the parking lot.

Snow. Oh yes. Okay, so it wasn't very much. Still still! There's more forecasted for today and tomorrow. I love it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What not to do at work.

A) Neglect to eat lunch, especially if you came in early and will be staying late for meetings. You'll only end up with a huge headache you can't shake, a feeling that you're about to faint and an unability to function like a normal human being when you finally drag your ass home from the office.

B) Allow any and everyone who feels like they need "just 15 minutes of your time" to come into your office and chat it up. Because you and I both know not only will they end up using twice as much of your time but also when that occurs you'll never get even 5 minutes alone to complete start any of your one thousand and one projects.

C) Let work chew you up and spit you out. Sometimes you have to take a stand (even if it's only in your head).

In other words, I'm mad tired.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Third time's a charm.

I wrote a post earlier today with every intention of posting it, but when I got through I just couldn't do it. Too honest. Or too full of lies. Either way I wasn't about to publish it.

So I wrote another post. But it was just more of the same. So I filed it under draft just like the first one. And still no new post.

Which brings me to this post which I'm dedicating to your questions. Come at me.

I ran my mouth off a bit too much, Oh what did I say

On the way into work yesturday morning Modest Mouse's Float on came on the radio. I can definitively say I don't really care for MM. No offense but they just don't do it for me. Float On, however, is the exception to that rule. I like Float On, lots. Or I use to anyways. Now I'm not too sure. And after hearing it again recently it got me thinking about that as well as the first time I heard it.

One evening last spring I was running on the street near my office (to avoid sitting in traffic) listening to my mp3 player. After listening to the same mp3s approximately 12 times too many, I switched over to radio and Float On started playing. I can still remember hearing Float On for the first time and feeling an overwhelming rush of energy. But now when I hear it, the song has a bittersweet quality that almost makes me want to flip the dial.

I guess that's to be expected. I've ruined lots of good songs for myself by associating them with bittersweet memories of people or events. But I suppose that's what initially attracted me to the song. The upbeat rhythm and lyrics that talked about keeping things in perspective. My point is there's only one way I know of in which the time healing all equation works for me; via humor and sharing.

That sometimes in those moments of confusion in which you don't know which way to go next, it's just best to shrug it off and laugh. Besides, you should never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh the places you'll go!

In 2004 I did my share of traveling.

The States
Long Beach, California
Pietro's Portland, Oregon
Las Vegas, Nevada
Bellingham, Washington

Vancouver, British Columbia

Amsterdam, Holland
Berlin, Germany
Prague, Poland Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
Florence, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy
Paris, France

This year I plan on making it back to Europe to visit the UK and Ireland. What's the point of this post? To gloat, I suppose. I know, I know. I'm mean.

Actually, it's just to note where I've been and where I'm going. Nothing more, nothing less. Move along.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Party of Five

Last night was spent with some close friends who've known me longer than nearly anyone else in my life, excluding my parents. They're the kind of friends that are always there no matter what, who'd so totally have my back in any situation I ever got into and it makes me glad that I've got some friends like that. The plan was to play poker and eat some Chinese take out. Mission accomplished. At one point I was up 10 dollars but in the end I only gained 1.

We sat around the fire watching VH1 making snarky comments, debating what defines a "one hit wonder" band while sipping/chugging/throwing back some wine/beer/liquor. All and all a pretty good way to start off 2005, despite how sleepy I ended up. I was totally up for playing Pictionary after the stroke of midnight. Then the fact that I'd been awake for nearly 24 hours hit me and I had to bail on the party.

But when you've got friends like I've got they understand and that's that. Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is 2005 is going to be 100 fold better than 2004, and let me tell you... 2004 was pret-ty kick ass. Happy New Years!

Oh, also new year resolutions are kind of bogus if you ask me. I mean I've never been one to think that if you decide you're going to change something about yourself that there's something magically about doing it at the start of a new year. Anyways the subject came up so I announced last night my resolution for 2005 was to call more men in my presense nancys which shouldn't be too hard to accomplish seeing as how so far I've ended up doing it about 5 times in 2005 which is approximately 4 more times than I did it in 2004.

What's that? You don't like that resolution? Shut up, you nancy.